Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ernie Rules!

We have made progress!!! Mimi and I took the girls to Busch Gardens (several times during her stay) and Emma just decided to get down and go say hi to Ernie. She got out of Mimi's arms, walked to Ernie with no prodding on our end and hugged him for no reason at all!! It was so exciting & I have rarely been such a proud mama! This was right up there with first steps and hi-fives.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Busch Gardens... feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

Busch Gardens has opened "Elmo's World" and the girls love it. All of the characters put on a little show and there is a water section (that of course our girls have NOTHING to do with) and even a few rides for little ones. It is a great area- everything and everyone is kid-friendly and easy to get around. I just wish they would enjoy the water as much as the other little ones do. It looks like so much fun.

There is also a section of the park called "Land of the Dragons" that has several rides for little ones. This flying dragon is the only one we have been able to coerce them onto a few times that they actually enjoy.

It has been a great way to wear them out before nap time on the weekends. I think their favorite ride thus far is the tram ride from the parking lot to the park. They like to sit on the seat in between John & I and be "big girls." Everytime we go to the park we pass by Apollo's Chariot on the way in to park. It is the biggest ride there and it happens to be on Bella's side of the car and she loves to have the window rolled down and watch the people go by, especially if they are screaming. She always says "WOW!" even though she couldn't possibly fully understand what she is seeing. It's hilarious that she is so impressed with that roller coaster each time we go. She is going to be our thrill-seeker for sure.... as if we didn't already know that!

First Haircut

Everyone knows Bella's hair does its own thing... much like her. We finally broke down on May 8 and took her to the salon. She was not about to sit in that chair but she did let Daddy hold her while Chavon snipped a little off the back and made some bangs. She looked like such a different little girl when we were all done & her locks are somewhat more tameable now.

Mothers Day

We went to VB for Mothers Day. I know, we are gluttons for punishment. We just want them to love the beach like we do but so far that's not happening! They like walking the boardwalk and staying out of the sand so that is where we mostly stayed.

They love having their own strollers to push around- and they look so cute doing it. They act like those babies are real and it is their job to push them around. They're mommies in the making!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Booty Shakin'

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Here she is, in her first debut....

Animal Sounds

The girls are getting good with their animal sounds... but sometimes we run across ones that even John and I dont know! So if anyone knows what a butterfly or giraffe says we would appreciate the help!!

Here is a clip of Bella's explanation of what her favorite animals say!